Iota Environnement Industrie, subsidiary of the COHINVEST group, is a design office created in 2003 to meet the needs of industrial companies and local authorities related to the specific problems of water treatment and purification.
In 2016, Iota Environment Industry becomes Cohin Environment.

The company carries out design, consultancy, audit, support and development services for purification systems, as well as specific technical design studies and technological analyses linked to water purification. From treatment of industrial process water to sludge treatment.

COHIN Environnement has a team of multi-disciplinary engineers; it gets involved in R&D problems to develop and/or make substantial improvements to the

treatment technologies of sewage purification plants. In this way, this team undertakes technological monitoring for technical study of existing processes, development of new theoretical concepts, development of life-size prototypes, in order to study the technical feasibility of innovative concepts, and finally the development of experimental test methods enabling the performance of prototypes to be evaluated.

In the context of sustainable development, COHIN Environnement has invested in researching and designing a mobile and easily movable purification system, suitable for use in isolated regions. The company undertook the development of SBR purification plants in the form of 40′ modular containers (micro-stations), complying with road transport standards. High quality treatment criteria are the primary guarantee of meeting waste treatment standards complying with current and future regulations. This plant is designed to be moved on an articulated lorry trailer. The principle is to present an pre-assembled installation, usable immediately after connecting the effluent inlet and outlet.