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Since 2003


COHIN ENVIRONNEMENT designs and builds wastewater treatment plants, carrying out turnkey projects, both in the urban and industrial fields. COHIN ENVIRONNEMENT’s penchant for innovation has enabled it to develop a totally biological waste water treatment plant, contained in a single basin, UNIBIOCELL®.

With the development of a complete range of WASTE WATER BOX offerings, from the 40′ maritime container to the wood or composite material solution, we offer modularity and extensibility and address the variations in the quantities of effluent to be treated.

COHIN ENVIRONNEMENT can offer design, audit, consulting and technical assistance services, as well as any specific requirement involving the development of purification processes, sludge treatment, ….

COHIN ENVIRONNEMENT offers solutions that integrate circular eco-technology in the recovery of solid and liquid waste, sludge and the reuse of treated water.




We work on projects all over France. We have teams in several cities in France, enabling us to be on-hand and responsive to meet customer needs.

This proximity also enables us to offer you partners and suppliers who are known specifically in your regions. The locations of our teams optimize the speed of exchanges with the customer and the gives us very precise knowledge of the actual sites’ requirements.


Cohin Environnement is developing in Africa and Europe through commercial actions and a worldwide network of commercial partners.

The COHINVEST group, encompassing Cohin Environnement, has also founded a company under Moroccan law, registered in Casablanca: Cohin Environnement Maroc. This home base in Africa adds to our influence over the whole African continent, especially in the Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia,…)


 The COHINVEST holding was founded in 2010 as a means of strategically developing the building trades.

These trades are complementary, enabling us to implement a global development strategy for the COHINVEST Group.

We want to be able to share and pass on our passion and know-how so that the upcoming generations can look to the future with total peace of mind.

COHIN CONSTRUCTION is a construction company founded in 2000. Since 2010, it has been part of the COHINVEST group, covering the geographical area from

Normandy to the Paris region. COHIN CONSTRUCTION operates mainly in the industrial world.

COHIN CONSTRUCTION est une entreprise du bâtiment créée en 2000.
Rattachée depuis 2010 au groupe COHINVEST, Elle couvre la zone géographique allant de la région normande jusqu’à la région parisienne. COHIN CONSTRUCTION intervient principalement dans le secteur industriel.

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PERFO SCIAGE DIAMANT crée en 1992, est une entreprise du BTP spécialisée dans le percement et la découpe de béton à l’aide d’outils diamantés. Rattachée au groupe COHINVEST depuis 2012 PERFO SCIAGE DIAMANT plus communément appelée PSD couvre le nord ouest de la France et la région parisienne.

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