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  • Compact
  • Easier operation
  • Less energy
  • Sludge volume reduction of up to 30% compared to activated sludge
  • 100% biological treatment
  • Scalable system
  • Removable and mobile
  • Possibility of energy self-sufficiency

About the

Waste Water Box

Our WASTE WATER BOX is a compact, removable and mobile monobloc waste water treatment plant supplied as a container, using our UNIBIOCELL system. The treatment capacity of the WASTE WATER BOX can be between 100 and 2000 PE thanks to the addition of several monobloc treatment plants from 100 to 300 PE.

The diversity of the WASTE WATER BOX range makes it possible to respond quickly to wastewater treatment needs, either permanently or temporarily for emergency situations.

The purification process is based on an activated sludge type treatment with prolonged aeration. The treatment unit comprises a single pond sequentially combining the biological treatment phase, decantation, discharge of treated water and removal of excess sludge.

The process ensures continuous feeding by setting up a siphoid wall. Biological treatment consists in the degradation of carbon, nitrogen and/or phosphate containing pollution by micro-organisms through the supply of oxygen via submerged turbines. The decanting phase separates the sludge from the treated water. Excess sludge is then removed for treatment by a submersible pump. The treated water is discharged cyclically by gravity through a siphon.


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