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The Process

The UniBiocell® process that we have developed is a sequential and continuous biological process, it operates in three treatment stages in a single basin comprising the biological treatment phase, the settling phase and the rejection phase.

The process allows continuous supply and reliable discharge of treated water. This Unibiocell® process can be implemented in conventional wastewater treatment plants in concrete structures but also in the form of micro-stations or small mobile stations with the Waste Water Box product.

In its configuration, the UniBiocell® process favors projects with high compactness or having a concept of modularity. Odor and noise pollution are easily controlled and sludge production is reduced.

The Unibiocell® treatment system makes it possible to achieve purification yields of over 95% on BOD5 and COD.

The processing capacity can easily be increased by coupling several units.

The UNIBIOCELL® SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor) treatment process is particularly suitable for purification systems for industrialists due to its flexibility of use and ease of operation (single large-volume tank and low mass load for maximum biological resistance to hydraulic shocks and pollution load peaks).

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