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Maintenance & Operation

Maintenance & Operation

Our experience enables us to offer you a range of services to guarantee optimal operational safety of all your installations.

By complementary team action comprising our engineers, technicians and electromechanical experts, we supply the expertise needed to operate and technically assist industries and communities, with the following objectives:

  •  Process optimization
  •  Operational assistance
  •  Preventive and curative equipment maintenance
  •  Emergency troubleshooting


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Maintenance Operation & Support

Technical assistance for waste water treatment plants

Cohin Environnement also offers technical support for your installations, considering that our role is not confined to the simple running of a series of programmed services but is a real role of support and advice, in which we imagine the answers most appropriate to the difficulties encountered in the operation of a waste water treatment plant.

Cohin Environnement’s technical assistance gives these teams the tools to help you:

  •  By assisting in the interpretation of treatment results to ensure better plant performance
  •  By assisting the operator in implementation, a diagnosis and in regular monitoring of the plant
  •  By accompanying the operator in self-monitoring tasks


Our other services

Thanks to our know-how and expert knowledge, we can offer you consulting, audit, assistance, or design services.