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Industrial waste water treatment

COHIN ENVIRONNEMENT offers a wide range of services specific to each process and industry for waste water treatment to prevent pollution during its discharge.

We act from the stage of installation of treatment units adapted to the desired water quality with the implementation of a tailor-made process.
Each branch of industry generates its own effluent.

Our waste water treatment engineering team designs treatment systems that meet the demands of each customer, with discharge to the municipal network or direct discharge into the natural environment or by reuse as service water.

Intervention sectors:

  •  Agri-Food
  •  Beverage Industry
  •  Cosmetics
  •  Papermaking
  •  Chemicals and Petrochemicals
  •  Waste processing
  •  Carwashes

Our Other Activities

We supply turnkey installations, from design through to operation, as well as installation, commissioning, and staff training in the following areas: