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Sludge treatment

Sludge from the mechanical, physical-chemical and biological treatment of waste water represents the main share of waste generated by waste water treatment plants. The quantities of sludge produced depend on the composition of the treated water, the treatment system and its performance.

It is now essential to treat sewage sludge to reduce its volume and transform it into a recoverable product.

To support local authorities and industries in their obligations to manage sludge and waste water treatment by-products, COHIN ENVIRONNEMENT offers many different treatment techniques. Depending on the demands, more or less sophisticated treatment allows the dehydration, elimination or recovery of sludge of various origins:

  •  Urban Sludge
  •  NCA sludge
  •  Micro-plant sludge
  •  Pond Sludge
  •  Industrial Sludge

Our other activities

We supply turnkey installations, from design through to operation, as well as installation, commissioning, and staff training in the following areas: